We will be showing two brand new Dante products at IBC this week. If you can't make it please take a look at our FWD8000 and FWD6006 here

dBbox2 and Dante™ enabled products
Prehear D4080

Also new updated DEMU10MD, VT12DE monitor unit and PM612D remote production monitor unit with delay.

We have updated our DEMU10M to include up to four frames delay and TFT metering switchable between 'analogue' and bargraph display.

More details on the DEMU10MD here

Remoted six stereo input production monitor unit with up to 6 frames delay.

More details on the PM612D here

De-embedding monitor unit also with two AES and two analogue stereo inputs.

More details on the VT12DE here

Six 5:1 Network mixers with TFT metering, simultaneous network and analogue outputs plus remote control.

More details on our range of Network products here

Ten network inputs, ten analogue inputs, two network outputs, two analogue outputs and much more.

More details on our range of network products here

With eight XLR inputs and eight XLR outputs we offer a top quality but inexpensive means of getting your analogue audio into and out of the network.

More details on our range of network products here

Our latest firmware update is version 2.0
This update adds many more facilities and features to the dBbox2 and is free of charge to all dBbox2 owners.
Please see our Support page for more information.

The new dBbox2 with all the features of the original dBbox and many, many more. Now supplied with our version 2.0 firmware with even more facilities.

We have added a purpose designed machined extruded aluminium case, smaller than the original. Stereo analogue inputs and outputs, pink noise generator, SPDIF support, 1/4 inch and 3.5mm headphone jacks, mini USB power input, tone sweep, GLITS tone, EBU tone, analogue to digital and digital to analogue conversion and more.

More details on the dBbox2 here

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