Dante/AES67 Commentary/Announcer Units

The DCD2020 is a Dante enabled Commentary box supporting 2+1 commentators. Network connection may be fibre or copper and it has full network redundancy. Microphone amplifier gains and many other adjustments such as phantom power and limit levels may be made on the local lockable LCD screen or remotely via the DCD2020's web page. In addition to the commentary box functions there is a built in Dante breakout box with six analogue inputs and eight analogue outputs. The I/O includes level controls and is assignable to the network or may be used for local functions. With 240V mains, 12 volt and PoE powering and a built in ethernet switch the DCD2020 can truly be the hub of your commentary system.

DCD2020 front The DCD2020 includes three digitally controlled microphone amplifiers with very low distortion and really natural sounding audio amplification. Microphone amplifier gain is adjustable in 1dB steps from 0dB to +70dB. Each microphone has its own adjustable threshold limiter and switchable 48 volt phantom power with status indicated by red LEDs on the front of the unit. There is also a mixed output available with its own limiter.
Commentators A and B have four individually selectable talk keys each and the guest position has two. Each also has an On-Air key which may also serve as an indicator, a 'cough' key or a latching On/Off Air key.
There are eight individual listen inputs for Commentator A and B and four for the guest, all with left/right/both earpiece select switches.
Each commentary position may be connected using 5 pin headset XLRs or XLR 3 mic input and TRS jacks, suitable for use with both 1/4 inch or PO. DCD2020 front

The DCD2020 can be powered by 110-240VAC mains, PoE, 12 volts or any combination for a redundant power supply.

The unit includes three GPI inputs for remote talk key switching and three GPI outputs for on-air light switching on the rear D15 connector. DCD2020 front

There are six analogue inputs and eight analogue outputs available via XLR on the rear of the unit, all accessible via the network. These breakouts have no fixed function and may be used for external facilities or assigned to local functions. They may also be used to provide analogue inputs and outputs directly to/from the commentary box, consequently the I/O may be configured to use the DCD2020 as an analogue commentary box with no network connection.
A built in 1kHz, 2kHz or 400Hz tone generator can be set to identify the audio
outputs, perfect for setup and identification with a different tone ident sequence
on each output. Lots of lights flash when it's on so it's not easy to forget. DCD2020 front dBFS metering is available for all three commentators and the mixed output. The
system includes two 2:1 Dante mixers for convenient adding of Dante audio signals.
Our purpose was to design a unit to match all current technological requirements whilst still retaining a familiar feel for the commentator.

FWD6006 rear

The DCU304 is a Dante enabled Commentary / Announcer unit
with four inputs, each selectable to left/right/both ears, one microphone output plus a cough key and two 'lazy' talkback outputs. On pressing a talkback key the programme microphone output is silently muted and redirected to the selected talkback output(s). The microphone also has a local line level analogue output which also mutes when a talkback key is pressed.
Network connection may be either a Neutrik ethercon or a standard RJ45 connector. A LED indicates network status.
Microphone gain is adjustable in 1dB steps from +70dB to +15dB and +6dB via the OLED display and lockable push buttons. 48 volt phantom power may also be selected.
FWD6006 rear FWD6006 rear
The DCU304 may be powered PoE or via an external 12 volt power source.

The DCU304 can also be used as a cost effective Dante four wire box or as a top quality analogue or Dante mic amp.