Dante/AES67 Monitoring and Mixing

The DPM802 is a Dante enabled PoE Production monitor unit with eight Dante stereo inputs, one analogue stereo input and both Dante and analogue stereo outputs. The unit includes up to eight frames of programmable stereo delay plus cut, dim and of course a volume control.

DPM802 front

There are also two GPI inputs for remote control of cut and dim. The DPM802 has many features that may be programmed via its web page including key colours, delay time, input gains and remote control of functions. For convenience of adjustment the delay time may also be set using just the front panel controls as well as via the web page.

DPM802 front

The unit includes a redundant network connection which may alternatively be used as a network switch output. The Dante Outputs Left and Right are mirrored on the rear of the DPM802 as balanced XLR analogue outputs for convenient connection to a power amplifier. The two analogue inputs may be assigned to any of the select switches.
The unit may be powered by mains or PoE or both.

The Prehear D4080 is a Dante enabled version of our analogue Prehear 1020. The unit is unusual in that it is Dante equipped but is also fully functional in stand alone analogue mode or even both at once, particularly useful for derigs. The unit presents itself to the network as a ten input, two output device but also has ten analogue inputs and two analogue outputs.
All inputs are selectable to either or both of the two internal speakers, line level speaker outputs and headphone socket with individual volume controls, cut buttons and signal input LEDs. The unit includes a secondary port for Dante Redundancy or a switch output. Both ports include network activity LEDs.

The Prehear 4080 covers all those 'listen' feeds required by production. Pre-fade listen feeds of presenters, off air feeds, and all those other bits and pieces that waste talkback matrix inputs can be fed directly to these units with convenient local control.

prehear 1020

Each input may be switched to left, right, or both speakers.
Each channel has an audio present (VOX) indicator, a volume control and a cut switch with bright blue illumination.
There is a speaker cut button with red illumination and a stereo headphone socket suitable for stereo or 316 jacks. An indicator illuminates on successful connection to the network.

Both loudspeaker amplifiers have built in limiters to protect the loudspeakers.
All analogue inputs and outputs are on XLR and there are two line level outputs with switching following the left/right/both switches.

prehear 1020 rear

The unit will operate on 110-240VAC with auto switching.

Dimensions: 1RU 160mm deep.

The DMIX30 is a Dante enabled mixer which includes six discrete five into one mixers. All audio inputs and outputs are assignable via the Dante network and have adjustable gain from off to +12dB. Additional gain of +20dB may be switched to each input allowing a maximum of +44dB gain. All mixers include a switchable limiter with threshold adjustment.

prehear 1020 rear
All six mixers have TFT bargraph metering which may be selected to either dBFS or PPM metering scales with appropriate ballistics.

prehear 1020 rear prehear 1020 rear

The six mixer outputs are available over the Dante network but also as balanced analogue XLR outputs on the rear of the unit.

The secondary Dante network connector can be selected to operate either in redundant mode or as a switch output to daisy chain to more Dante equipped devices.

prehear 1020 rear

prehear 1020 rear A special feature of this unit is that any or all of the mixers may be remote controlled. The unit can accept up to six separate remotes each of which is assignable to any of or any combination of the mixers. Perfect for controlling remote sources such as radio talkback feeds.
The data from the remotes is encoded in a modified 'time code' signal so may be carried over any standard audio transport, including audio fibre channels. The remotes are available separately so may be added if and when required.
The unit operates on 110-240VAC 50/60Hz with auto switching.

Dimensions: 2RU 150mm deep.