The dBbox2 has become an indispensable part of our touring inventory. Where previously we have had to rely on numerous testers to fulfil our testing needs while out on the road the dBbox2 has combined everything in one neat and elegant package.
It now forms the backbone of our touring fault finding capability and with so much reliance now on digital systems this box handles everything superbly. So much so that there is at least one on every single show we put out through the door!

Mark 'Magic' Ellis-Cope
Sound Dept Manager

'We have found that the dBbox2 fits in really well with our workflow in the field. The P.A. People are intercom system specialists so being able to find and identify as well create and align both analogue and AES audio in a compact hand held device is critical to what we do', commented Chris Dodds, Managing Director of The P.A. People. 'There are a few low level analogue solutions that have not changed in years, but the dBbox2 stands out as not only being a quick and powerful field tester, but a quality calibration and measuring tool in the same package. All our key staff have one . . . .'

Chris Dodds,
Managing Director
The P.A. People Pty Limited

After our purchase of 5 x dbBox2 units they have proven to be a great time saver and very practical and flexible unit for myself and my staff. We used the dbBox2 in installations of audio and comms equipment for testing of analogue lines and measuring and confirming signal flow as well as in large scale communication projects. The 4 wire testing is invaluable and allowing us to listen to the signal with the built in speaker but also measure the level has been very beneficial.
The units have all been reliable, with a rugged design and provided accurate results with multiple connectors making it easy to use. The fact that it is also USB upgradable is excellent and having the new features has been a great additional advantage at no extra cost. I would highly recommend to any comms or audio tech to have one of these units in their draws, case or toolbox and everyone I have shown it to says "where can I get one".

Campbell Waller
Managing Director
Sight and Sound Installations P/L

The dBbox2 by CTP systems is a proper second generation product. CTP have taken on board comments and suggestions from real world operators and have implemented those changes to make big steps forward in this test box. Both analogue and digital signal path testing (in many flavours) are well catered for as well as MIDI I/O. CTP's strong background in communication systems is also represented as the box can be used as 4-wire talk/listen, which has proved a huge bonus on site in many situations.
Whether you are supervisor or mixer, looking to chase signal paths within a control room or a floor sound engineer or assistant proving lines from studio floor to desk, the dBbox2 is a great tool to have tucked away in your bag.

Kevin Duff
Sound Supervisor

Working in Outside Broadcast as a sound engineer requires you to have all the tools to locate and solve problems, and the dBbox2 does this and much more. Over the last few years at the company I worked at we had used a competitor to the dBbox2, however when it came to purchasing my own cable/line tester I researched the various products on the market and picked the CTP dBbox2.
Starting with the dBbox2's casing, I feel that it is not only robust but lightweight, which is a great asset to any product in this field. Unlike other cable testers I have used, the dBbox2 feels much more professionally built and put together.
Feature wise, I don't think there is much more they could cram into such as small box (unless there is a way CTP can fit a coffee maker in there too). Basics like checking a line for phantom power is greatly improved by now knowing that you can actually see the level of voltage in the cable rather than looking at 2 LEDs that only signify that there are volts there.
With the growing additions of digital audio in broadcast kit, having the option to listen to and output AES audio really does set this box on a higher bar than others.
So far the CTP dBbox2 has helped me out as a mini foldback speaker, a pre amp for a reporters in ear monitoring and also pre amping a mic that I could send down a camera at line level.
Overall I think the CTP dBbox2 is the best thing a field sound engineer could have strapped to his belt.

Chris Eckford
Sound Engineer

I believe I am not the only one, that googled for an audio tool to test Digital AES signals....And as strange as it is, there was no real tool for this.... Until.... CTP systems develop a digital audio test tool. What a surprise I had, the tool is not only a digital test tool, but both analogue AND digital!
Surprise number 2 was it's not only a signal monitor/analyser OR a signal generator, but both in one compact box! The unit is a complete signal generator for analogue balanced and unbalanced signals SPDIF/AES and analogue, with ability to send the tone you want, being - pink noise/sweeps (as well as Glits and other "protocol").
You can monitor all the signals (analogue/digital) in a built in loudspeaker, or in headphones (3.5 mm and 6.35 mm on the box), The unit not only provides you a level meter but with a digital signal provides you a total analysis of the signal, freq, depth, errors etc. On top of that, the unit gives you nice extra tools, like microphone check with the possibility to provide phantom power, to check 4W lines, to talk from the unit to a loudspeaker or on 4W line, cable tester, MIDI test etc.
You can use the unit as an A/D or D/A converter! Nice problem solver in many sticky situations! If you have an installation and want to check analogue input lines - no problem, digital? No problem either! Analogue outputs or digital? Again no problem! If You have an installation, and have only amplifier and speakers and the mixer is still not there or you have only the cable to the speaker , just connect the dBbox2, and talk from the box on all the paths!
If you have a mic and wondered if the problem is the mic, or somewhere else in the path, no problem, just check the mic line using the dBbox2. If you need to provide a test tone or check a line, again no problem of course – the dBbox2 will do this! Also using GLITS tone, the receiver will analyse the left/right in fraction of second.

It's the top tool needed by every engineer/installer/contractor/Soundman, a must have in every OB van, studio. This tool saves you A LOT of time; I would say that after a few days, it covers itself! I always say, that good work starts with the right tool, and 80% of good work, is the right tool. This is the tool for the audio people! We provide this tool for all our teams, and they use it all the time.... A great must have and for the price, nothing comes close!

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