PM series Production Monitor Units, PM612D with delay, PM2100 GPI Production Monitor Unit

With a new look we offer several versions of our production monitoring units with both stereo and 5.1 inputs.
All models have momentary push buttons for input selection, a dim button (-18dB), a speaker cut button and a volume control. Separate left and right speaker cut buttons can be supplied on request.

Standard versions:

Three stereo inputs PM302.
Six stereo inputs PM602.
Three 5.1 inputs PM036.
Two stereo inputs and one 5.1 input PM216.
Five stereo inputs and one 5.1 input PM416
Four stereo inputs and two 5.1 inputs PM426

Stereo only units can be supplied with either XLR or edac connections.
All units with 5.1 inputs are edac only.

We can supply all monitoring units with AES/EBU inputs as required.
If you do not see a combination you require, or if you would like AES/EBU inputs, please call or email for a quotation.

PM036 rear Dimensions: 1RU, 150mm deep.

The PM612/PM612DR combination includes a short depth 1RU remote unit for installation in the production desk (PM612DR), the main electronics (PM612D) may be mounted up to 400 metres away.

The unit includes a delay which can be switched from off to up to six frames in one frame increments. The delay may be switched in and out on the production unit.
The PM612D/PM612DR has six stereo inputs, a dim button (-18dB), a speaker cut button and a volume control.


Connection between the two units is via standard cat5 cable. The Production remote does not require mains power.


All audio inputs and outputs are XLR.
The PM612DR production unit is 100mm deep but can be made shorter on request.
The PM612D main unit is 150mm deep.

The PM2100 has one stereo input and eight GPI outputs for control of a router. When an input button is selected the unit shorts the relevant GPI pins on the D connector. There is a volume control, a -18dB dim button and separate left and right speaker cut buttons. The PM2100 can be supplied with a single cut button if required.


PM2100 rear