On this page you will find pinouts for some of our more popular products, dBbox2 firmware downloads, Our latest Dante firmware and Talkback24 software.

If you have a CTP Systems product that requires servicing please contact us before dispatch. Email or a phone call is fine. This enables us to allocate time for the work for a fast turn around. Equipment that turns up without our prior knowledge just has to wait until we have time.
Please check the equipment on the bench before return to us, some 90% of items returned to us have no fault.
No RMA is required but please include a note with address for return and a fault description. The more information the better.

How to update your dBbox2 firmware

Please note that this firmware update will only work with the dBbox2, not the original dBbox.

You can check which version is currently installed on your dBbox2 by selecting 'more' then 'setup'. The dBbox2 will then show your current firmware version number on the top line.

Latest firmware version available is dBbox v2.0

To update your dBbox2 with the latest firmware you must first install the dBbox2 drivers on your PC (see the readme.txt file downloaded with the dBbox2 Loader). Then you will need to install the dBbox2 loader onto your PC which you can download by right clicking your mouse and selecting 'save target as' here.

You will need to unzip the file. It really is important to read the 'readme.txt' file. All of the above only needs to be done one time on a particular PC.

You can now download the latest dBbox2 v2.0 firmware with a right click and 'save target as' here

Version 2.0 includes many major updates and tweaks:

Added 'more' to the top menu and moved 'setup" to it.
New facilities added to the 'more' menu - Tone loop, 2W listen, Cable test.
Extended MIDI with comprehensive 'analyse' facility and with loop through.
Added stereo phase meter to audio metering.
Added volume slider display (visible only when the volume is adjusted).
Increase in speaker level and big increase in headphone level, especially for higher impedance headphones.
Analogue tone out and pink noise out routines adjusted to stop hi level blip before gain is set to correct level.
Added 'mono headphones' facility to the setup menu.
Added facility to select top PPM display to UK, EBU or dBm scale.
Added missing dot to number 7 on top and bottom VU scales.
Meter routines modified so they still operate while adjusting gain.
Added memory reset (to default settings). To reset memory press both vol controls while switching on.

Please download the manual on our dBbox2 page for more details of the new facilities.

Should you wish, you can revert back to dBbox2 v1.01 firmware by downloading this file here

These are the latest firmware versions for our Dante products. They can be downloaded with a left mouse click and should be used in conjunction with Dante Firmware update Manager which can be downloaded here:

brooklyn2- Use this to update any of our products EXCEPT DCU304 to the latest version of Dante firmware.

Our manufacturers firmware does not currently require updating on any of our products.

This is a copy of our talkback24 system PC software. It may be run-off line for evaluation or off-line programming and can be downloaded with a mouse right click here. It should be unzipped and then installed to your PC by running 'setup.exe'.

.pdf format

DC99, DC99-II and DC2012 Commentary boxes
DBC1-16 Camera talkback controller
DBC1-24 Camera talkback controller
PB2020 five pin headset socket

Excel .xls format

DC99, DC99-II and DC2012 Commentary boxes
DBC1-16 Camera talkback controller
DBC1-24 Camera talkback controller
PB2020 five pin headset socket