Tone generators BLITS2 ATG202 ATG332


The BLITS2 is an updated version of our first and original BLITS 5.1 tone generator. Using BskyB's original 5.1 surround sound tone sequence sources can be easily identified and tested. We were pleased to be asked to prototype the original unit and to be the first to bring a BLITS tone generator into production. BLITS tone is currently used on all Sky Sports surround sound outside broadcasts.

Provision is made for stereo line identification, channel phase and identification of the six 5.1 audio channels, L,R,C,LFE,Ls and Rs. These channel identification frequencies correspond to notes A5,A5,E6,E2,E5,E5 respectively.

The tone generator may be switched between 5.1 and stereo oscillator sequences and individual 5.1 sequences may be 'looped'. The unit may also be controlled by external GPIs. An input is provided as standard for AES sync reference. All audio outputs are mirrored by illuminated leds on the front panel.
The unit also includes an additional stereo tone generator with both AES and analogue outputs selectable to either GLITS or EBU tone generation.
Outputs may be set to either -18dBFS or -20dBFS and fine level adjustment is also possible. The BLITS2 supplies analogue and AES/EBU outputs simultaneously.
Digital outputs may be specified with either 75 Ω unbalanced outputs on BNCs or 110 Ω balanced outputs on XLRs.
All analogue outputs are on XLR and electronically balanced.
The unit operates on 100-240VAC 50/60Hz and is 1RU high and 150mm deep

The ATG202 is a low distortion high stability 1RU rack mount stereo tone generator.

ATG202 Rear

The tone generator will supply either EBU, Glits or steady tone at 1kHz. Front panel level adjust with output status indicators.

The ATG332 generates three tone standards, Glits, EBU and dual language (1kHz/400Hz) simultaneously. Each tone type has two individually buffered stereo outputs and every output has front panel level adjustment.

atg332 rear
XLR outputs.
1RU rackmount.
Low distortion (0.03%) high stability outputs.